Patrick Swayze and Larry Gatlin Perform “Love Hurts” in Orbison’s Respect.


Okay, I’ll let it be known. I’ve never observed Dirty Dancing. Nor have I tuned in to the soundtrack, which includes a tune (“She’s Like the Wind”) performed by Patrick Swayze. That being stated, everybody knows he can move, yet what I didn’t know– until the point when today– was that Patrick Swayze could sing.

What’s more, man might he be able to sing! This video, of Patrick Swayze covering “Love Hurts” with Gatlin Brother, Larry, is chilling! The two part harmony is basic and heartfelt. Swayze’s delicate voice, consolidates flawlessly with Gatlin’s nation twang. Joined by just a single fiddle and one acoustic guitar, their interpretation gives the work of art, distressed verses new life.

“Some fools dream of happiness, blissfullness, togetherness. Some fools fool themselves I guess, but they’re not fooling me.” “Love Hurts” was initially composed and made by Felice and Boudleaux Bryant and initially recorded by The Everly Brothers in 1961.

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