People Help Homeless Father to Find His Long-Lost Son. Watch Their Emotional Reunion


Everyone has a story, and when you hear about Rudolph Taylor and the wonderful reunion he was meant to experience, you will surely get emotional. The man was separated from the family after the birth of his second son and was forced to live in the streets ever since. He is a homeless artist that makes a living by selling pictures, but he doesn’t have an opportunity to find a shelter or a decent accommodation.

When the episode about the man was shown on the local news, there was one person who became deeply interested in Rudolph’s fate. It was Kevin, who turned out to be the man’s son. He has also watched the news that day, and when he learned that his father has been living like that for thirty years, he was shocked.

Rudolph confesses that he is a self-taught artist, and he is selling his paintings for moderate sums so that the people can enjoy his art. He is dwelling in the neighborhood where all the local police officers know him and treat him like a friend. Of course, the poor man describes his existence as full of anguish. He does not give up hope that one day, his life might change, but you will understand that after years of being in the street it is hard to cling on to something that might probably happen in the future.

His son had been watching the report with bated breath, and as soon as he learned about his dad, he knew that he had to go out and meet him. Kevin contacted the police station almost at once and was given information on the location of his father.

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