The Philadelphia Eagles: A Band of Bible-Believing Brothers Whose Faith is Inspiring Millions


The recent NFL season could easily be summed up in two words: Public Demonstration.

Flip the channel to ESPN this season, and you’re bound to get one of two very different tales.

On one hand, you may have seen headlines and reports of free agent Colin Kaepernick, and his public demonstration of taking a knee—although it may have cost him his career.

And while this NFL season, similar to that of 2016, has been riddled with politics and opinion, there’s one very different public demonstration that has been making waves among the NFL, thanks to the Philadelphia Eagles.

The No. 1 ranked team in the league is now headed to Super Bowl LII, warranting them plenty of airtime on the sports broadcasting network. But greater than their successful wins perhaps is the team’s public demonstration of their faith.

Last fall, Faithit shared the story of Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver, Marcus Johnson, who was baptized by his fellow teammates and coaches in a hotel pool prior to a Thursday night game.

First time being Baptized! Corporate Worship is a beautiful thing!! Cleansed & Reborn in JESUS name!!???

— Marcus D. Johnson? (@Mojomdj) October 12, 2017

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