Pianist Plays In Department Store, Immediately Jumps Up To Give Elderly Woman A Chance To Play


We often don’t think about the “background music” of our lives. You may not even notice that when the television is on, when you’re shopping in a store, waiting on the phone, or even pumping gas, there is music playing in the background. We don’t get a choice of what we hear in these moments, but it fills much of what we hear on a daily basis.

If you’re creative, or if you have a favorite song for each situation you find yourself in, then you may even have that particular tune as your background score. Of course, this one would be playing in your head!

If we’re lucky, we enjoy some of the other music, the one everyone can listen to. It’s lovely to walk into a place like a department store and hear an actual musician playing. The David Jones department store in Melbourne, Australia regularly employs a piano player to “entertain” shoppers. Instead of canned music playing through tinny speakers, a person sits at a real piano and plays — it creates a pleasant environment for everyone in the store.

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