Pinky The Dolphin Has Been Spotted With An Astounding Surprise – Her Very Own Calf


Dolphins are some of the most amazing and wonderful creatures to grace the Earth. Their curious and playful demeanor brings a smile to the face of anyone who is privileged enough to see them dancing through the water. While every dolphin can draw joy from people, there is one dolphin in Louisiana who is bringing so much more happiness to the lives of everyone who sees her.

Pinky is a beautiful bubblegum-pink dolphin who lives with her pod in Louisiana! She has been winning over the hearts of everyone who sees her since she was originally spotted in 2007. At the time, she was just a young calf swimming by her mother’s side through the waters.

In August 2017, Bridget Bourdreaux was on her pontoon boat when she was lucky enough to lay eyes on Pinky. That wasn’t the most amazing part of the encounter, however, as there was something with her that took her breath away. Following alongside Pinky as she raced Bridget’s boat was another pink dolphin! The second pink dolphin was small, and looked to be Pinky’s calf!

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