Polar Bears On Remote Island Spotted Playing With The Saddest Thing


Svalbard is a Norwegian island chain located in the middle of the Arctic Ocean, hundreds of miles from the nearest mainland. But despite its remote location and small human population of about 2,600 residents, Svalbard is far from untouched by the outside world.

And the creatures living there, who might never have seen a human, are sadly all too well-acquainted with our stuff. British photographer Kevin Morgans recently paid a visit to Svalbard, capturing its beauty and splendor — but also something heartbreaking.

At one point, Morgans noticed a mother polar bear and her two cubs atop an icy crag. Then he noticed the plastic. “It was a bittersweet moment to watch,” Morgans wrote on Facebook. “On one hand, you have a beautiful mother and two cubs and on the other, the curious young cubs are playing/eating plastic pollution which had been washed ashore.”

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