Porcupine Thinks He’s A Puppy


Porcupine acts like a puppy. “A porcupine who thinks he’s a puppy. Note that the wild have the longest needles among all mammals. In evolutionary terms, the needles are modified hair. “Wool” of wild-shaped make up different varieties of hair: soft fur-shaped hair, tougher, flat bristles, long and elastic bristles, as well as hard and long needles.

Some of them reach a length of 40 cm and a diameter of 7 mm, are sharp and can cause inflammation if they prick. The porcupine — a rodent that lives in South-East Asia, Southern Europe and in the countries of Asia Minor and the Middle East. Also this animal can be found in Sri Lanka and in Indochina.

Visible from afar, these rodents inhabit the mostly mountainous terrain, but they can also live in deserts, on plains. Most of the time the porcupine is hidden in caves, under the roots of trees or between stones. Rodents dig themselves large holes in soft soils — sometimes the hole porcupine can reach 10 meters in length. Agile animals are trying to find a shelter from which you can get at least two ways.

To distinguish the porcupine from other rodents is simple — its body is covered with needles, the length of which can reach half a meter. The porcupine itself can reach a meter in length. Needles of this unusual rodent may have black and white, black or brown color.