This Portable And Tiny Home Is Deceivingly Huge On The Inside And Totally Worth A Tour!


I don’t think that anyone can imagine living in such a small trailer. A lot of people prefer homes that are spacey and almost lavish; I know of people who live in large homes but with a very limited number of family members. I never got the point of that, but I’m sure it all made sense to them. The space that Ana is sharing with us is compact but spacey. This concept might not make any sense, but there are more photos and a virtual video tour to put everything in perspective. So, keep reading!

The simple, clean space in this tiny home offers suitable livability, and the several windows offer substantial natural lighting—no extra lighting necessary during the daytime, that’s for sure!

You may be thinking, where is the sleeping space? Wait for it, wait for it. Andddd, voila!

The bed securely drops down over her living room area with a press of a button thanks to sliding door hardware and a garage storage lift. Many tiny homes have lofts or claustrophobic, enclosed rooms for sleeping, but this sleeping space doesn’t require much climbing nor the feeling of being “closed in” while trying to fall asleep at night.

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