Prepare to Be Mesmerized by This Girl and Her Wonderful Belly Dance Performance.


At the end of the 19th century, the belly dance was called the Salome dance. He gained popularity in Europe thanks to Mata Hari, who was openly denuded during the dance, calling herself a master of oriental dance. A great influence on the popularization of the dance was made by Hollywood. For the first time in the movies, women with opened belly appeared.

Thanks to such frank costumes, dancers, who shot in Hollywood films, could better demonstrate the dance. Their example was followed by oriental beauties, lowering the waist down on the hips. For the first time in the dance, attention was paid to choreography and staging until this time it was always from the beginning to the end of improvisation.

Belly dance is a dance of life, associated with a woman’s mother. He is associated with the cult of the Goddess of Fertility. In the representations of the ancients, heaven was associated with a man, and land with a woman, as a result of their merging, all living things appeared. Ritual actions, praising the gods, were often accompanied by dancing to music.

With the development of the Ancient World, the dance was transformed and gradually began to carry one more function – entertaining and became the usual business of everyday life. Look at how this girl performed this dance named Nataly Hay. Her plasticity and grace did not take long. The video with her belly dancing performance scored 40 million views! See for yourself.