Rare Dimes In Circulation Sell For $2 Million And Here’s How To Spot Them


Copper coin worth one cent, minted in the United States in 1793, was sold at Heritage Auctions. She went under the hammer for 2.35 million dollars, according to Fox News. The new owner of the rarity wished to remain anonymous. The coin, also known as the “chain cent”, appeared when the US put its own money into circulation. Its reverse depicts a chain of 13 intertwined rings, symbolizing the unity of the first 13 American colonies.

As the head of Heritage Auctions Greg Rohan said, the design of the cent caused discontent, because the chain saw a symbol of slavery. Subsequently, it was replaced by a wreath. In September 2012, a coin in denominations of one cent, mistakenly made of bronze rather than galvanized steel, was sold for a million dollars.

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