Repairmen Open Antenna That Stops Working


It’s no doubt that repairmen run into many bizarre situations, but this one may have surpassed them all. Repairmen received a big surprise when they were called to fix an antenna at the Bear Creek Microwave Site.

Upon their arrival, they were ready to fix the problem. However, it was not one that they could have ever expected. Most everyone could not believe what was wrong with the antenna and the source of the problem.

Being outside, it’s completely normal for the weather to interfere with communications signals, since the rain, wind, and more have their way of damaging antennas like this. As soon as the repairmen took a closer look, they realized it had nothing whatsoever to do with the weather.

They could hardly believe their eyes when they saw what was interrupting the signals. It was crazy!

Contrary to what many people would believe to have caused the problem, these men suspected that it was a woodpecker. It is true that squirrels love to hide their food away in obscure places, but this time it was most likely woodpeckers who filled the antenna to the brim with food.

In fact, the antennae’s cover was bulging with their overwintering snack. It was no wonder that the antennae wouldn’t work!

To all of us, what these repairmen were working on was an antenna, but to all the woodpeckers brave enough to use it for themselves, they considered it the prime food storage spot. No one knows how long it took to fill it with acorns, but seeing how long it took to empty the antenna, it’s clear that it took a very long time.

Loads upon loads of acorns pour out! But you simply have to see it to believe just how much the woodpecker or woodpeckers were able to cram inside a single antenna.

These repairmen now know what more than 300 pounds of acorns looks like. That’s right — 300 pounds!

The repairman who was charged with the task of releasing that cover and letting the acorns pour out probably had a good laugh. It’s astounding to watch the river of acorns!

Watch as they empty the antennae to reveal possibly one of the strangest jobs they have ever overcome in the hilarious video below. Trust us, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen before.

It’s truly amazing! Check it out for yourself.