Rescued Circus Elephants Are Reunited After 22 Years, Cameras Capture Moment They Finally Meet Again


Though we humans are very different from most animals, we do also share a lot of similarities with a large handful of them. Like humans, most animals are capable of experiencing both happiness and heartache. Reunions are as emotional for animals as they are for humans. These two elephants reunite after 20 years apart and it will definitely leave you feeling teary-eyed.

There is one animal that is known for being quite expressive with their emotions – and those are elephants. We can see in an elephant’s eyes when they are upset. Their body language also shows many telltale signs of their feelings.

In a video taken at the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee, we see two majestic elephants, Shirley and Jenny, reunite after over two decades apart. Shirley and Jenny used to be circus elephants and worked together for numerous years. When they were separated, they thought they’d never see each other again.

While the video is a happy moment, the emotional reunion between the elephants serves up a sobering thought. It reminds us of how they were kept in captivity, imprisoned for years. You can see that the keepers at the Elephant Sanctuary appear to be as emotional as the elephants. When they see Shirley and Jenny, the elephants, reunite after 20 years apart.