When Robin Williams Laughs and Cooking Alongside Martha Stewart — Hilarity Ensued


One of the greatest men who has ever lived,and bring us soooo much laughter even after he’s passing! God be with him.

After coming to terms with his passing, I randomly found this video clip today and have decided to remember Robin Williams as he was. An amazingly funny man. And after a bit of depression, I can honestly say it felt good to laugh again.))

Robin Williams was one of the only people who could just throw on a grossly stereotypical accent and still be genuinely funny and not come off as an ignorant.

Robin Williams is a joy and a pleasure. Just because he passed on is no reason to not celebrate that magically spontaneous marvel. Watch the comic genius as he visits as a guest on Martha Stewart’s show “Martha,” as he is hilariously put in charge of a grilled recipe.

He wheels from impression to joke and back again – even starting the clip by translating into both Spanish and a touch of French! Man, what didn’t he do? We do know this – if you ever wanted to see his Keith Richards impression, you’re in luck! Enjoy, friend.

During an appearance on “Martha,” Robin Williams learned the ins and outs of properly cooking some porn carnitas, with hilarious results.

As soon as Martha Stewart joked to Williams that she needed assistance rubbing the meat with spices, Williams went off on a tangent about how up until he was 22, he was pretty adept at running the meat.

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