Rory Feek Makes Decision To Pull His Daughter Out Of School


In March 2016, when Rory Feek’s wife Joey passed away after a painful battle with cancer, not only were fans heartbroken, but they also wondered what would become of their favorite duo, who by all accounts, seemed like the next superstar couple in the country music scene.

In the year and a half since losing his best friend and soulmate, Rory for obvious reasons, has been slow with getting back into performing again. His website This Life I Live however, has given fans plenty to keep busy! Rory has used this blog almost like an open diary that accounts for his life after Joey’s passing. While there are many reasons why the fans keep coming back to read more, the biggest one of them all is Rory’s daughter Indiana.

The 3-year-old, who was born with special needs, is full of spunk and sparkle, and by all means, the silver lining in Rory’s life when he needs it most. And proving so, is the most recent blog update where Rory has really surprised his fans by showing just how deeply he loves his daughter, and her mom.

An excellent team of preschool teachers and therapists have been at Indiana’s side since day one to make sure she learns everything that other kids her age do! Even so, Rory believes this isn’t what Joey would have wanted:

“If Joey were here … she would be homeschooling Indy …  she would be way more interested in Indiana learning to be a good person than being a good reader. To love God and the life that He’s given her, more than what a lot of the world is telling us to love. And in her mind, home is the best place to learn those things.”

And so to fulfill what he believed would have been Joey’s dream, Rory decided to build a school on his farm to give Indiana the best of both worlds. Using an old schoolhouse built in 1892 in Kentucky as an inspiration, Rory has started construction of a one-room schoolhouse on his own property:

“Fifty or more people…  descended on our parking lot at 7 am this past Saturday morning with hammers and saws, hamburgers and hotdogs and hearts full of love. They were here to help build something big for someone little.”

The school will have room for about a dozen kids and in addition to teaching kids reading, writing, and arithmetic, will make rural life skills as a big part of the curriculum:

“… the kids will have a playground and their own garden … a henhouse/barn with chickens and other animals to raise and woods to build a birdwatching hut and make trails that the teachers can take them for walks in.  And across the pasture, we have horses that they can care for and learn to ride and a concert hall where they can learn about music and put productions on on the stage.”

This change will certainly impact 3-year-old Indy in the best possible way!

Watch as the community comes together to make Joey’s dream for Indiana a reality!