This Russian Couple Never Expected that Rescued Bear will Become Part of The Family


It is unlikely that anyone will find it appetizing to sit down at a table with a brown bear weighing 136 kg. But in Russia there is a family that does so every day, and the bear has become part of their daily life. A

t first glance, Svetlana and Yuri Panteleenko look like an ordinary family — except for one detail: their 23-year-old bear Stepan. Bear Stepan eats a lot, but most of all loves to eat a jar condensed milk. He also eats 25 kg of fish, vegetables and eggs, so we can not say that to cook dinner for the family Panteleenko — easier steamed turnips.

The forest beast growing more than two meters so manual that the family often sits down to watch TV in the evenings with him.

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