It’s Dolly Parton’s Classic Song, But Watch When Carrie Underwood Joins In On Her Performance


Dolly Parton is a country music legend. She really needs no introduction. She is one of the biggest and most popular singers of all time, and has made a name for herself over decades as a star. Not only is her voice stunning, but her song-writing skills are really impressive as well. She has a way of touching your heart with her lyrics, and when combined with great music, it is a stunning combination indeed.

She is the most beloved country singer of many people. She is the voice behind so many hits, but “I Will Always Love You” is truly her best song that she has ever written and sung. People seriously cannot get enough of this song. This song touched millions of hearts from the day it was officially released on June 6, 1974. Years have passed but this song is still moving millions of hearts and making them cry.

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