Here’s The Fastest Way To Ever Fold A Tee Shirt


There are so many chores that need to be done almost every single day. There are some, such as taking out the garbage and washing that dishes, that need to be done all the time. And then there are others, like folding the laundry, that probably is on your to-do list just once a week.

I, for one, don’t mind folding laundry at all. I usually put on some music and stand in my laundry room folding clothes. It gives me some “me time”. I know there are certain tips and tricks on how to fold certain articles of clothing. For example, dress pants need to be folded in a very specific way to you to ruin the crease. But what about tee shirts?

I know for a fact that both my husband and I have different ways of folding a tee shirt, and although his is a bit messy, the end product is pretty much identical. Both of our techniques don’t take that long (because really it’s just folding a tee shirt).

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