She’s meeting that chimpanzee after 18 yrs, ignoring all warnings, she walks too close


There weren’t many laws protecting animals from experiments back in the days. Linda Koebner was a 23 year old grad student when she was granted the opportunity to get involved in a special project. A group of laboratory chimpanzees were kept locked up for six years. They were finally going to be free of their shackles and it was Linda’s duty to make them accustomed to the wild. She was given the role of their surrogate mom. She was supposed to foster them.

Just imagine what you would do if you were caged in a tiny metal box for such a long time. Even imagining a day in a cage is enough to make shivers run down our spine. It comes as no surprise that the chimps were scared too. Chimpanzees are really smart creatures. To live in such a state was not only detrimental to their physical health, but also their mental health. The poor chimps were terrified when they were finally released.

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