Here’s How To Perfectly Fold A Fitted Sheet In Under Two Minutes


There are two types of people in the world: those that properly fold their fitted sheets and those that do not. Unfortunately, I’m a member of the latter group, but with this video, that’s definitely going to change!

Currently, if you take a look inside my linen closet (please don’t), it’s not terribly untidy but it could certainly be much better. It’s divided into neat sections. Duvets and extra quilts and afghans are on the bottom, sheets come next, pillowcases and small towels share a shelf, and finally, bath towels are on the top shelf. Everything looks nice enough, but if only the fitted sheets were folded correctly, it could be perfect.

I’ve always imagined that folks with folded fitted sheets had made some kind of deal with the devil, or at the very least, had spent countless hours perfecting the nearly impossible process and then spend even more time folding those sheets after each trip through the laundry. Let’s face it, no one has time for that! But, it turns out that folding your fitted sheets takes practically no time at all. This entire video is less than two minutes.

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