They Saved This Baby Bear From A Forest Fire — Then He Turned Around And Did This To His Rescuers


Rescued bear just decided to play with a man. In many ways, the way of life in the shelter is contrary to nature.

First, cohabitation of bears in the group is unnatural, because these animals are by nature, loners. Kajaki, Syrian brown bears and Baibolov walk here together, although in the wild they often compete for territory. In such conditions, bears do not need to hunt. In the most active periods of life they consume from 9 to 13 kilograms of food.

To understand the bear, you need to know its taste preferences. Some of them are vegetarian, and some like meat. The most thoroughbred can balance on three paws, if only not to stain the Apple in the mud. At the same time, they all love peanuts.

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