Scary Way Of Disciplining A Child: Man Arrested For Chasing His Daughter In A Terrible Clown Mask


Parents often threaten their children with different imaginary or real creatures to make them behave in a proper way.

Usually they choose something or someone their children are afraid of. The most popular fears are those of monsters, witches and clowns.

Unfortunately, not all parents understand that such disciplining methods may cause much bigger problems. For example, children may obtain psychological disorders, phobias and constant anxiety.

Recently, one ‘creative’ father decided to discipline his little daughter in such a severe way. I think, now he regrets his methods.

An Ohio man has been charged with child endangerment, and inducing panic after he chased his six-year-old daughter down the street while wearing a clown mask.

According to police, while running from her father, the girl apparently jumped into a stranger’s car before running into another stranger’s apartment, screaming that a clown was chasing her.

Vernon Barrett Jr. claimed he was disciplining his daughter for behavioral issues when questioned by police.

The girl’s mother is currently in prison for child endangerment after she broke four of her daughter’s ribs. Barrett claimed he frightened the girl as an alternative to spanking her, as her mother had.

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