Seconds Into Snack Time Twins Hear Dad’s Guitar & Give Each Other Signal For ‘Special Dance’


Musician John Rudner has a solid following of fans, but his two biggest proponents really know how to rock. Wife Ashley strapped the girls into their high chairs at the kitchen table for a healthy snack of peas. But you can’t have a meal without some accompanying music. Ashley informed their 11-month-old identical twins Chloe and Alexis that their dad was going to play his guitar for them. One twin instantly begins wiggling her fingers and opening and closing her hands as she sees him.

You can clearly see their excitement bubbling up. As soon as their dad strums the first few strains, Alexis and Chloe’s reaction is hysterical. The two whip their heads around and stare at each other for a fleeting moment, then look back and dad and begin chair dancing. At one point, a sister pauses in her dancing to pick up and snack on a few peas. They even sway back and forth simultaneously for a bit. How precious are they? Partway through their jam session, they glance at each other and almost seem to grin.

They are in love with Dad’s music and dancing to it. One sister tries to sing along with Dad’s dinner table performance. We aren’t the only ones who think this video is absolutely adorable. It’s been viewed more than 27 million times! What’s even sweeter is that the song Dad is playing called “My Paradise” was written and performed while the girls were still in Ashley’s tummy. Check out this cuteness overload in the video below.