They Set Up 128,000 Dominoes In This Formation, Now Watch When It All Collapses


There are so many cool things that you can do with dominoes. It’s the concept that is cool—using single blocks to create something breathtaking. Just like Lego blocks, you can play with dominoes by arranging them in different shapes and numbers. The possibilities are endless! It might take time to master creating and arranging them, but the end results are totally worth it. You might have seen many videos on the internet of dominoes falling over, and the one shown below is stunning to say the least.

This domino formation depicts so many things around the world. It takes you in a journey around the globe, and it’s stunning. This piece took about 128,000 individual dominoes to set up. Just think about how long it took to create this structure! Perhaps one of the most frustrating parts of creating domino structures is that you have to make them fall down. But the sight that it creates it pretty worth it!

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