She Begins Pressing Dough Into Her Slow Cooker – I Wish I Learned THIS Years Ago


Slow cookers are wonderful for all kinds of soups and pastas, but this is one delicious recipe I would have never dreamed of. Crock pot pizza is tested out by Average Betty’s Sara O’Donnell, and it turns out absolutely amazing. She goes for more of a traditional, thin crust pizza layered with cheese and pepperoni, and just wait until you see the results – this is definitely one recipe that the whole family will want to try.

It doubles as a fun activity for the kids, allowing them to help prepare the meal by sprinkling in the different toppings and watching it cook. A thicker crust will feed the whole family, but if you prefer a thin crust, that works just as well and will feed around 2 people.

The possibilities with this recipe are endless, so whether you love deep dish pizza, or something thin and crispy like hers, this recipe is super fun to try. It takes anywhere around 1 1/2 to 3 hours, depending on the crust, so just allow enough time to experiment. However, just be prepared because when you smell that delicious pizza cooking for that long, the cravings only get worse by the time its done.