She’s Walking Down The Street


These five men know the perfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Stuart Edge gathered some friends to give ladies a fun Valentine’s Day surprise song like they’ve never had before. They dressed up in pure white dress shirts and black ties, and with a rose in hand they went out to random places in search of brightening up Valentine’s Day. When they found a lonely lady, they sneaked behind her to surprise her with a love song. The ladies’ reactions are priceless.

It was just as much fun for the men as it was for the ladies. They got to choose the song and the place, and whoever the lucky woman was, they would dazzle her with their voices.

They would switch up the song every once in a while to add an extra splash of love into the mix, and it took the women’s breath away. Although some were mostly shocked by the random act of kindness, others accepted the rose with a thankful smile.

Whether the women were in the middle of a text message, studying, or eating, it didn’t matter, the men took their chance to share the fun and it proved to be an overall very successful day.