She Sees A Massive Horse Lying On The Ground


Going off to green pastures used to be a euphemism for people and animals who have passed on. But nothing could be truer about the statement when it comes to horses who’ve been free from the cruelty of humans. At the Equinisity Retreat, these animals are free roaming with acres upon acres of land to call their home.

But they’re not just here to eat grass and gallop between the trees. This large, beautiful creatures provide humans with a healing experience that they can’t find anywhere else. Horse therapy is quickly taking the world by storm, as they are very gentle creatures despite their size.

In the video below, watch as children and adults alike cuddle with the horses as they lie on the ground.

It’s easy to see that these horses are definitely loving the attention and getting to be around people who are appreciative of their well-being. Share away, people!

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