Sheep finished mating with the goat. Their hybrid child has a very strange look


The male goat was getting lonely and decided to have some fun. Thus the creation of the geep! So watch it below!

Hybrid animals are rare, but they are very interesting too. In the video below, we get to see one of these beautiful creatures. She is called Butterfly and she went viral on the internet a while back. Butterfly is a geep. If you haven’t heard of a creature called geep before, you are in for a treat!

A female sheep got loose one day and she ended up mating with a male goat. Sheep and goats are similar in many ways, so this was not really a surprise. But the creature that mama sheep gave birth to was definitely a shocker.

The baby, Butterfly, is a goat-sheep hybrid aka “geep” or “shoat”. She lives in a petting in Arizona and shares characteristics of both her parents. She has the face and feet of a goat, but her body is covered in wool coat. This rare species was first recorded in 2000. Watch this rare yet adorable animal below and let us know what you think in the comments section!

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