Signs Of Lyme Disease Everyone Should Know


“I am so grateful for the post similar to this one that I saw three days ago…a post that potentially has saved my sons life, or at least saved him from a life very different from the one he lives and loves right now. He isn’t even two years old yet,”

Karen McGregor wrote this as an opener to her own post after she saw a red mark on her son that looked familiar to one she had seen in a photo just days before.

The spot on her son’s temple looked a lot like a bullseye, the same sort of bullseye she had seen in a Facebook post about a little girl who was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. Concerned, she right away called her doctor.

“I phoned our doctor as soon as they opened yesterday and got him in quickly. Within a few hours, more and more of these bullseye spots were showing up on his face, legs and arms,” Karen wrote. “We were given antibiotics to treat for Lyme Disease and we are hoping we caught it in time!! The doctor had never seen this before in a child so young…”

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