Simon’s Face Says It All, After “Golden Boy” Gives Performance That Changes His Life


Some of the best songs ever written come from heartbreak. And the reason why these songs do so well is that we can all relate to matters of the heart. Plus, it’s a fantastic outlet for the heartbroken to mend whether you’re the one writing it, singing it, or listening to it.

Singer-songwriter, Robyn is a mega musical inspiration, her song “Dancing On My Own” has graced the lips of many who’ve covered this all too real, heartbreaking song. Everyone has been the person in this song, or can at least relate to the feeling of being left behind. While I’m a huge fan of the song (and Robyn!), there aren’t many who come even close to pulling off this gigantic tune. Until 26-year-old Calum Scott stepped on stage.

It seems like Calum must have experienced a little love triangle himself. Either that or this man just oozes talent and can put himself in someone else’s shoes with ease. Whatever the case, this man is on fire, and his ability to emote floored everyone (me included – full disclosure, I just listened to it three times, and will happily listen to it again after I finish writing this).

What’s so honorable about Calum is his humility. He is SO nervous. He’s shaking uncontrollably! The moment he starts to sing, you can feel it, and it’s hard not to be moved. Originally, this is a fast-moving song, but the way he’s slowed it down is stunning, and really evokes a sense of sadness. The audience starts to throw out cheers, and the judges all have their heads tilted, as though each one is reminiscing about their heartbreaks! Calum knocks this one out of the park and hits gold!

Click below to watch Calum sing this just as well as Robyn – maybe, just maybe, even better than the star herself.