Slicing Dough And Adding A Hot Dog, He Shows An Impressive Twist On A Family Favorite


If you haven’t discovered canned pizza dough yet, you are in for a real treat. Found in the same section as biscuits and crescent rolls, canned pizza dough can make you life so much easier! While most people use it to make traditional pizza, this clever chef found a new way to use it – and this one is a real crowd-pleaser!

Everyone knows that pigs in a blanket are a party favorite, but this trick takes them to the next level. Making simple cuts in the pizza dough, you can wrap your dogs in something even more special. This quick video shows you how to “weave” your hot dogs into a blanket fit for a king, or at least someone who wants to eat like one!

The best part thing about this yummy treat is that it takes no extra time to prepare! You may want to double the recipe though, this one is a read crowd-pleaser! Watch the video below to learn the simple technique – this is sure to be the hit of your next party!