The Smallest Deer In The World Gives Kisses To His Caring Mommy! This Scene Has Made My Day!


Pudu fawn is just 5 days old and acclimating well with her Mom and Dad on exhibit at the Detroit Zoo. That is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

This deer is the size of a rabbit. Imagine these hopping around on your lawn at night… They are an endemic species, it is only found in Chile, but in the winter they come down from the forests and get into the courtyards.

Somebody told me that the pudu species is endangered. I replied, «But who would hurt that little baby?!» They’re so adorable!

Say ‘hello’ to the cutest creatures in the world, pudu, the smallest deer. They are so adorable that people tend to keep them as pets, but it’s a huge mistake. This attitude is about to be changed as these animals are wild and they should live in the wild or at least in the special conservations.

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