Soldier stays by dying dog ‘till very end – then honors him in the most amazing way


The bond between humans and dogs is strong—especially when they’ve have been through as much as German Shepherd Bodza and Sargeant Kyle Smith have.

The two met while serving in the US Air Force together and instantly became best friends. Over the years, they served on many missions together, and when it came time for Bodza to retire him, Sargeant Smith adopted him.

Bodza’s retirement was a happy time, until he came down with an incurable, dehabiltating disease.

Then last month, 11-year-old Bodza was laid to rest. And now a beautiful, heartbreaking photo of Sargeant Smith and his best friend is bringing animal lovers everywhere to tears. Scroll down to see the picture and learn more about their friendship.v

United States Air Force sergeant Kyle Smith met German Shepherd Bodza back in 2012. Bodza was an explosive detection dog and the two of them were both assigned to a 189-day mission to Kyrgyzstan.

Kyle and Bodza became fast friends and spent almost as much time playing together as they did working on their security detail.

So when it came time for Bodza to retire, Kyle didn’t hesitate for a second before adopting him.

After his retirement, Bodza happily traded hanging out on the job for playing with his best friend at home.

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