Something Was Stuck In This Dolphin’s Fin


I have seen many rescue videos on the internet. Some are heart-crushing, some heart-warming and some have surprising ending. But it’s rare for an animal to actually request for help on its own. Imagine the surprise this diver felt when a dolphin motioned him over and showed his injured fin!

Keller Laros uploaded this video of him rescuing a dolphin. When Keller was diving with his friends, he suddenly noticed a bottlenose dolphin who was trying to come close to them. This dolphin presented Keller with his left pectoral fin where a finishing hook was trapped.

Keller cautiously removed the hook from the dolphin and cut all the wire that had been stuck around the dolphin’s body.

After Keller removed all the wires that had been injuring this poor mammal, the relieved dolphin swam away happily. I am sure, if this dolphin could talk human language, he would have thanked Keller a lot.

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