Spirit Moose: Rare White Moose Twins Caught on Camera


Filmed in Norway, the animals are thought to be a month old. Out of more than a million moose across the Northern Hemisphere, two twin moose calves don’t quite look like the rest.

While taking a brief gander out of the woods, the two young, all-white moose were captured on video with their mother during a rare sighting in Norway.

Large moose populations are found throughout northern Europe, and thousands currently live in Norway.

The calves, which Maine’s state deer and moose biologist, Lee Kantar, said appear to be less than a month old due to their size and mobility, were likely born in mid-May—most calves are born around May 15 each year. Twin moose, although born at a smaller size, are also common.

Although it’s hard to tell for sure, Kantar said he thinks the moose calves might be albino: “If it’s true that they are, it’s extremely rare.”

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