Step Inside This Castle Abandoned After A Fire 80 Years Ago – The Interior Is Divine


In the southern part of France, hidden among the trees, a real life castle waits to be rediscovered. This is the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers, an old castle that resides in the town of Les Trois-Moutiers, in the region Poitou-Charentes. It may only be around 200 miles southwest of Paris, but this magical place feels like it is in an entirely different world.

This castle is like something straight out of a fairytale. It is surrounded by its very own mote – how cool is that!

The mote expands to more than 20 feet all the way around the building. Since this place has been abandoned for so long, the water is still and mossy green; it almost blends in with the adjacent grass.

No expense was spared in the construction of this castle. Originally built in the 13th century, it has survived hundreds of years, political revolution, and even fire.

The ornate walls tell the tale of the original owners: the Bauçay family was a powerful family with strong connections to the king and other influential figures. This castle was originally the family’s home, and it has seen many lavish parties.

Most prominent are the intricate details of the building’s facade. Sculpted symbols and lantern holders adorn the windows of the castle, while the roof is decorated in varied cross-like symbols.

The most ornate element of this place is the bell tower, which rests above the main entryway. This thin but noticeable tower is even crowned with a bell-shaped roof, and it adds a unique charm to the entrance.

Although a 1932 fire destroyed most of the furnishings of the castle, the stone walls have remained, for the most part, in tact.

The grand hallways and stairways of the former home have held on to their elaborate details and mastery of space.

The stained glass lining the main hallway gives an impression similar to that of the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. It is easy to imagine the grandiose parties that once took place within this castle’s walls.

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