Stop Buying Tomatoes


I have a really bad habit when it comes to fruits and vegetables. Whenever I go to the grocery store, I’ll head to the produce section and buy anything that’s on sale and looks fresh. And that sounds cost effective and healthy, except for the fact that I’ll only eat a bit of it and then completely forget about the rest. And before I know it, all those fruits and vegetables are way past their prime. In other words, they’re overripe, rotting, or worse. Consequently, I end up throwing out way more fruits and vegetables than I’d like to admit.

Yes, I know… I’m the worst. I was raised to not waste food so I do feel terrible about it. But as I’ve recently learned, if you happen to have some old tomatoes sitting around, there’s a far better alternative to throwing them away and it’s actually really cool!

Apparently, in only a few days, you can turn those old tomatoes into seedlings and actually grow entirely new tomatoes! In this video by The Wannabe Homsteader, we learn how we can grow our own tomatoes using a pot, some soil, and that old tomato. All you need to do is cut the tomato into quarter-inch thick slices and then place them on pot of compost. Cover them up with some potting soil and water them sporadically. Within one to two weeks, you’ll have 50-60 tomato seedlings! Maybe it’s time for me to start canning my own tomato sauce?

Watch the video below for the full step-by-step instructions on growing tomato seedlings, and don’t forget to share this great money-saving trick with your family and friends!