Store Thinks He’s Just Stocking Shelves


While it seems like the summer just started up, the school is quickly approaching. As fun as the summer is, kids get excited to go back. They get to see their friends every day. They want to find out who their new teachers will be. They especially want to show off their cool and new “back to school” gear. However, for some families, new school supplies doesn’t always fit in the budget. When living paycheck to paycheck, sometimes kids don’t get to start off the year with some sweet new supplies.

Walmart does what they can with their low-priced school supplies. They’ve also paired up with a few organizations, working together to get school supply donations for kids who aren’t as fortunate as others.

A Walmart in Bryant, Arkansas, was especially surprised after they found out what one of their employees had been doing.

Kristopher Hudson is an 18-year-old man, working his summer away, trying to save up money for college.

He plans on attending Pulaski Tech in North Little Rock this year and as we all know, college practically costs an arm and a leg these days. Despite his hefty tuition bill, Kristopher puts aside part of his paycheck each week and buys a bunch of school supplies to donate. One week, he bought 309 items and donated them all to the United Way organization.

Kristopher hopes to make his mother proud who always told him to encourage others. He’s not only encouraging kids to go to school and have fun, but his actions have encouraged others to donate to the cause. He said,

“The best feeling that you’ll ever have is when you get to help someone out. I want to get the world to be a little happier. I want to make people smile.”

Well, I think you’ve done a pretty great job so far, Kristopher!

People on Facebook are also going crazy over Kristopher’s story.

He’s a great role model for the younger generation and we need more people in the world like him. Share if you agree!