Stranger Pays For Veteran’s $9,000 Engagement Ring


This story took place almost 10 years ago in 2004. Fighter (Kyle), returning from Iraq wanted to make an offer of marriage to his girlfriend and purchase a diamond ring that cost $ 9,000. On the same day the store was actor Paul Walker. The guys talked and Kyle told the actor about all the hardships of military service.

Continuation of are reading forth. Kyle selected jewelry was too expensive, and in the end the young lovers left the store, so nothing and not buying. However, some time later, an assistant sales Manager at this store went out on Kyle and Kristen and stated that they could pick up their chosen diamond ring.

When the soldiers asked who gave them this precious gift, store employees refused to answer – at the request of the Walker.

As Kyle now says, then he guessed that it was Walker who bought the jewelry for 9,000 dollars, however, until the end he was not sure, although he kept the receipt of the purchase. The story of the ring, after the death of Paul Walker, told reporters one of the employees of this store.

According to his confession, he wanted to let the world know about the true nature of Paul Walker. As now I remember the journalists, Paul Walker really actively involved in charity work, but we tried to keep it a secret from their fans.