Street Performer Plays “Hallelujah” With Just Crystal Wine Glasses


I’ve watched plenty of street performers over the years, many who are quite good, but very few are as original as this man playing “Hallelujah” on rows and rows of wine glasses. Unsurprisingly, his performance draws a crowd of people intrigued by the beautiful sounds coming from the table. Having no musical talent myself, I can’t help but be very impressed.

Believe it or not, these rows of wine glasses filled with different levels of water are actually a musical instrument, called the ‘glass harp.’ It has also been called the ‘angelic organ’ because of the unique sound and tone that the glasses produce. It takes a talented musician to play.

According to the Washington Post, this is how the glass harp works:

“You can’t see it happening, but when wet fingers rub over the rim of a glass, the friction causes vibration, which creates sound waves. The stem increases the ability of the bowl part of each glass to vibrate.

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