Struggling Mom Gives Up 3-Year-Old Son Only To Learn He’s Still Up For Adoption 7 Years Later


Kris Smith was 21 when she made the decision to place her 3-year-old son, Matthew, for adoption. At the time, Kris had no job and was living out of a car. She knew this was no life for a child, so she wanted to give him the opportunity for a better life.

This was a grief Kris knew firsthand. As a child, she was shuffled from foster home to foster home. She became pregnant on the streets when she was still a kid herself.

After giving Matthew up for adoption, Kris remained homeless for several years. One day, she realized she wanted to fight for her life. She walked into a Wendy’s restaurant and got a job on the spot.

Kris began to turn her life around. She got an apartment, built up a circle of friends and fell in love with a man whom she married.

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