Taylor Swift Crashes Wedding To Help Honor Groom’s Late Mom.


One of the coolest things about the age of social media is that once untouchable celebrities feel closer to us than ever.

Pop stars and actors get to interact with their fan bases, and fans get a little glimpse into the glitz and glam. Taylor Swift is one of those celebrities who loves connecting with the people who support her, and two years ago, she did something for one of her biggest fans that he and his family will never, ever forget.

Max Singer and Kenya Smith tied the knot in 2016, but the happiest time in their life was paired with the saddest. Max’s mother was dying. To ensure that she was involved in the big day, they got married in a small ceremony right in Mom’s hospital room.

His mother was one of Taylor Swift’s biggest fans, and Max grew to love the singer and her music through his mama’s adoration. To make her smile, he played Swift’s song “Blank Space” as they enjoyed their mother-son dance. She passed away shortly after the ceremony.

Later, Max and Kenya decided to have a reception to celebrate their marriage with family and friends.

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