Teen Terrified Of Online Stalker


As parents, it is our responsibility to keep our children safe and out of harm’s way. Part of this parental duty means keeping our kids aware of the different types of danger lurking all around, whether online or in person.

One Oklahoma dad knows firsthand the importance of this lesson, and thanks to his 15-year-old’s vigilance online, he was able to do his part in keeping his little girl safe.

When the concerned dad found out about an online predator stalking his daughter, he knew he had to do something big. Fearing that the man was getting closer and closer, dad decided it was time to hatch an elaborate plan.

The goal? To catch this disgusting stalker in his tracks before he dared set a finger on his daughter.

He had been reaching out to her through social media and sending her inappropriate and unwanted pictures. His messages to her indicated he had ill intentions.

Watch Dad’s incredible plan in motion, and see how this heart-pumping story ends in the video below.