Teens Harass Young Boy At Park


This boy was offended by the grown-up guys, but no one dared to help him. Psychology became popular in the early twentieth century. Many were very attracted to her goal – to learn more about the intricacies of human behavior, emotional state and perception. But, unfortunately, the methods to achieve this goal, humane was not always the case.

Some psychiatrists and psychologists conducted cruel experiments on animals and humans. Here are some of these experiences. Before the beginning of the experiment, the “teacher” was explained that the main purpose of the experiment was to discover new methods of storing information, and in fact the experimenter studied the behavior of a person receiving instructions from an authoritative source, which diverge from his own understanding of the norms of behavior.

This story didn’t end well, because she’s still not over. The boy, who was offended in kindergarten, is already a teenager, but his case has not become a precedent, allowing to say: if the family actively protects the child, his rights will be respected, and the perpetrators – punished. But all the same, this prolonged conflict has brought amazing results, transforming the adults who stood up for the protection of the child.

The boy’s mother V., who worked as a painter before all this history, graduated from the University and became a lawyer, and the family itself, having survived the crisis, became one of those families “that to some extent move society forward.”