The Bear And The Fawn Saw Each Other


These two kids, bear and reindeer, more recently in this world and are not yet familiar with all its inhabitants. But here is suddenly they learn about existence of each other, faced nose to nose in the center of the on rehabilitation orphaned animals.

They do not understand what to do and how to behave, so as if the children are shy, shy and afraid to make contact. Both cubs look a little confused, but, no doubt, experiencing each other lively curiosity.

Bear and fawn sniffing around each other, although with some caution. It is hoped that this couple will be able to make friends and keep their friendship even in adulthood. All kinds of bears are incredibly smart.

These animals are very inquisitive, always trying to explore new and unusual objects, have a very good memory. For example, many hunters and observers argue that the bears throw rocks and sticks in traps to neutralize them and get the bait; often tangle the traces, walking backwards and in circles.

Brown bears know from memory all in the neighborhood of the glades with berries, fruits and mushrooms, and know when they are ripe… The largest bear is polar. The weight of an adult male reaching up to 500 kg. However, Mongolian bear, who lived 30 000 years ago North America was almost twice as big.