The Dog Got Lost Far Away From Home


Having a dog is one of the best experiences in the world. They are the most loving companions that we can have. The best dog owners are those that treat dogs as part of the family. They treat their precious pups with the love and care with which they treat their other family members. It’s wonderful to be on the receiving end of a dog’s pure love and devotion. So when anything bad happens to them, it can be really heartbreaking as well.

Losing one’s dog is heartbreaking to say the least. They might pass away from old age, sickness or might lose their way from home. Having a missing dog is the worst, because you don’t know what might have happened to them.

They could be dead or alive, and in extreme distress for being away from home. The man in the following video had also lost his precious dog.

Lenny had been away to Florida for some days. His dog, Bella, had run away from the dog sitter’s house. It was devastating news indeed. She had been away for three long days. Lenny even took some days off work to find her. They put up flyers and even activated an amber alert for her. Finally, she was found in Queens! Lenny lived in Manhattan, so she had gone a long way from home!

This video shows their amazing reunion. Bella was totally over the moon to see him, and the feeling was mutual for Lenny. Just watching these two makes you well up with tears, doesn’t it?