The Lie We All Live


While we pride ourselves for living with liberty, we’re not as free as we think. We are lucky enough to live in a society that gives us freedom, how many of us are genuinely free? Freedom is just like an illusion. Many of us think we are the masters of our lives, when in reality, we are slaves to our jobs and the loans we all have to pay.

The big corporations that control the media brainwash us with their idea of what our life should be like. They coax us to set our goals that benefit only them. But how can one be truly free? First, we need to be more imaginative. Don’t live in the future—focus on the present moment for now, for it is the only thing you can control.

Sadly, the only time we realize this is when someone passes away, but we don’t have to wait for it to happen to realize that.

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