The Owl Is Trapped And Exhausted


When youtube user Bank Fishing was walking down to a beauty spot by a lake in New Jersey, he stumbled upon a cute screech owl trapped and in distress, he knew he couldn’t just walk by. The poor, young owl was screeching and flapping, unable to free itself from fishing line it had become tangled in.

The environmentally conscious fisherman, took immediate action with make-shift equipment (nail clippers!) and made his way closer to this beautiful creature.

As he approached, the terrified owl reacts in the way nature intended: flight.

Sadly the little owl causes more distress to himself, but fortunately the brave rescuer secured the owl before cutting him free.

On further inspection he notices that the line is tangled around it’s wing more than he first expected and began working on the owl, who started to fall into a state of shock.

Check out the video below to see how this rescue mission concludes! If you enjoyed it, please share it with your friends.