The woman is almost deaf because of the stone formation in her ear


46-year-old resident of the Indian city of Hebbale slept on the veranda, when she suddenly felt a sharp pain in her ear. Soon the woman started bitching head. She went to the hospital, where it was revealed that her ear crawled a large spider, even had time to build there web. Lecchini L. it freaked me out.

Fortunately, doctors were able to help the victim. They poured in her ear some “liquid medication”, resulting in a spider climbed out. The footage below shows how it is extracted from the body of an Indian citizen. Local doctors said that they rarely faced such cases.

“It happens that people get stuck in the head with different objects. However, when something alive gets there, it is a much more complicated case. As a rule, patients begin to panic immediately,” Indian doctors said.

Fortunately, Lecchini L. not much affected. People who can not hear as good as hearing person with normal hearing — a hearing threshold of 25 dB or lower in both ears suffering from hearing loss. Hearing loss can be mild, moderate, severe, or deep.

It can develop in one or both ears and can lead to difficulties in the auditory perception of conversational speech or loud sounds. The concept of “hearing loss” is used in relation to people with hearing loss, ranging in range from mild to severe.