They Tell a 98 Years Old Woman that she is Too Old


Evelyn is 98 years old amazing women and she lives in a retirement home. Like many senior citizens, society wrote Evelyn off as “too old” to do many of the things younger people do.

She was able to live an active lifestyle with the help of her driver’s license, until it was suddenly taken away from her — not because she had a poor driving record, but because of her age. As a result, Evelyn lost her sense of independence.

One day, Evelyn heard that the retirement community bus used to take seniors to the grocery store had been inadvertently canceled.

This was a major problem for her soft-spoken friend Joyce, who depended on that bus to get around and pick up the items she needed. That’s when Evelyn made an incredible promise to her friend.

Despite the fact her license had been taken away from her, Evelyn went back to the DMB to re-take her driver’s license. What happened next is nothing short of remarkable…

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