This commercial is more than 45 years-old


What planet do we leave for our children to live on?

This commercial ran all the way decades ago and it’s no less relevant today.

There is a special day of environmental action and awareness that is held every year. First Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970.

Every year this day people cooperate together to clean the forests, parks, lakes and beaches from the various rubbish most of us throw away in the streets every day.

Is just one day really enough to clean everything people throw away during the whole year? I believe no.

We all have only one life, that’s right! But after us there are our children and grandchildren left to live in the place we leave to them. What place do you really want your kids to live in? At a garbage dump?

In 1971 one of the greatest commercials in the history of American commercial was released. The commercial was popularly referred to as “the crying Indian,” and lasted one minute.

It shows a Native American man paddling down a river that is polluted with all kinds of junk. The river banks is also covered in smog, trash, and other forms pollution.

He then reaches his destination and decided to alight to the plastic infested shore. As he does so, a plastic full of thrash is thrown at his feet from a car window.

It explodes to reveal the trash inside. The camera shifts to his cheerless face. A single tear can be seen rolling down his cheek.

This ad was meant to fight pollution and was quite successful; it even earned awards apart from reducing litter by over 88%. Advertisers believed that the man’s face had been seen over 14 billion times. This made him the most known Native American figure.

Hollywood profited greatly from the image of this an. This man however had a secret that few people ever got to know during that campaign. The man was not a Native America, he was in fact Italian.